Fasie Kay – Mutima


While writing the song ” Omutima” artist Fasie Kay expresses how he felt a lot of pain and hurt in the world, seeing so many people but no humanity and the increasing rates of suicide, Gender-based violence which drove him to write a song which spoke to what he believed in which is taking care of each other’s hearts. What the heart “Omutima” represents is love and when you are taking care of someone’s heart your taking care of someone’s love, this was a way of telling people to take good care of each other’s hearts although the song was personalized. He deeply expresses how love should be protected and if you love somebody you have to fight for it and constantly choose each other’s side which is how he wishes the world was. While writing Omutima one of the verses from the song ” there’s no mountain I can’t climb and no ocean I can’t swim for you” is what artist Fasie Kay believes love should be like, willing to go full out for the person you love. Love has its responsibilities, which is taking care of the person you love heart which is ultimately the core idea of the song.